The Daily Goat Dog Routine

Here on Roanoke Creek Ranch, there are usually three opportunities per day for goat dog training.  The early morning feeding Mid-morning open range rumination Late afternoon open range rumination Generally, the youngest member of the goat dog team comes along for early morning feeding.  The interaction is safe, and the pup/young dog gets face time … Read more

Stock Training with Young Liberty

At this point in his young career, Liberty’s stock management training consists of taking him with me twice per day to feed the goats.  He becomes used to the goats and understands that managing the goats is part of his daily routine.  Liberty carries a long lead for the entire exercise. Chasing behind the goats … Read more

Liberty and the Fat Possum

Around here, my most valued dogs are the ones who listen well and listen now.  Especially in a high-drive scenario.  Those are the dogs who are the most useful to me, and the ones I trust the most.  They are the dogs I select from and breed. Liberty has been going over to feed the … Read more

Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd Male Puppy Available

This Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd puppy is available for adoption. Other dogs from this line are used in hunting, vermin eradication, property protection, and livestock management activities. These are medium-sized, strongly built and active dogs. With intelligence, alertness, and companionship, this dog will fit well in an urban home, a rural home, or … Read more