Foxhole Dog

Sugar will walk up to you and poke you in the chest. I’ve never seen her start a fight with another dog or goat. But on many occasions, I have seen here walk up to the other animal, stand erect and curl her tail up over back. If you’re a male animal or an animal … Read more

Raising Vixen

This is my girl Vixen.  I’ve come to call her Vic for short.  She’s come to be a lovely, well-mannered young lady.  Vic comes with excellent recall now that she’s grown up a bit.  And her tan points are a particularly rich, mahogany-like brown.  Vic’s sire line goes back through West Virginia’s Carousel Farm, then … Read more

Brag Dogs

I’ve been working on a book for a few years.  It’s a compilation of short stories about Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherds.  The first several chapters are available online for preview if you like dog stories. CONTENTS COVER PREFACE WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THE LIGHT? A DOG FOR JARED PRINCE OF THE … Read more

Liberty Puts the Goats Away

Liberty is my 10.5 month old English Shepherd male. In this video clip, he helps me put the goats back after they’ve spent the early morning ruminating on orchard grass. Liberty has self-control, a strong presence but a soft touch when working my livestock. When he’s not working stock, Liberty enjoys ball fetch, disc catch, … Read more