Black and Tan English Shepherds in Mid-Twentieth Century America

Tom D. Stodhill was a polarizing figure, and like most such men, had a knack for bringing out the worst in some people. Stodghill had a habit of making unfounded, controversial, and non-falsifiable statements like: “…black and tan English Shepherds are recognized as the world’s most beautiful dog … the black and tan are the … Read more

Bred by Early Settlers

Black and Tan English Shepherd

English Shepherds are a type of dog that developed in the rural areas of the Appalachian and Ozark regions of the United States. They were bred by early settlers for their versatility and ability to perform a wide variety of tasks on the farm, including herding livestock, guarding the property, and providing companionship. English Shepherds … Read more

Black and Tan English Shepherd FAQ

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Are you looking for a Black and Tan English Shepherd Puppy? Visit the Black and Tan English Shepherd Breeder Collaborative. The English Shepherd is a breed of herding dog that descends from working dogs who were brought to the United States in the 17th century by early settlers. English Shepherds are highly intelligent, versatile, and … Read more

Celo Farm’s Tara

Black and Tan English Shepherd

The late Celo Farm’s Tara was born September 25, 2002.  She was bred by James McGowen of Carousel Farm and owned by Fergus Pope.  Tara is of the Double RR Stormy dam line, a well-known ESBT dam line of maternal haplotype A1a A388.   I have met several of Tara’s descendants and even own a few … Read more

Rusty’s Boys at the Herding Clinic

Two of Rusty’s boys attended a Cathy Hartley herding clinic this weekend. By all accounts, Chase and Ruger represented our Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd bloodline well. Here’s a note from the clinic: You would have loved to have watched Chase and Ruger today at the herding clinic with Cathy Hartley!!!! It was Chase’s … Read more

Comanche Bluff Sassy Britches

Black and Tan English Shepherd

This is the late Comanche Bluff Sassy Britches. Born 2004-01-25, Sassy Britches is of the important Hudson’s Lassie dam line, with maternal haplotype C2 C42/54/55. Sassy Britches had OFA Excellent hips, and she is an ancestor to several breeding quality females in use today, including my Vixen, John Sherling’s Meg, Larry Raulston’s Roxie Foley and … Read more

What goes into an Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd?

Why is it difficult for a retired urban professional in Portland to consistently breed dogs that are true to the ancestors bred by farmers of the southern Great Valley region? Because social influences, selection pressures and gene/environment interactions form the foundation of what makes an Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd what it is.

Vixen’s Puppies – Day 38

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Today is litter day 38.  Yesterday we did our first Parvo vaccination.  For Parvo, I use NEOPAR by NEOTECH, LLC: Early Age Protection Stimulates antibody production in the presence of existing maternal antibodies First Dose Protection Antibody production begins after the first dose. Other canine parvovirus vaccines require two or three doses to stimulate an … Read more