Our Purpose

Through effort and expenditure, we know the genetic signatures for several of the Blankenships’ dogs.  By testing our current dogs, we can determine their congruency to the ancestral line bred by the Blankenships and their co-breeders.  In our effort to preserve the genetics of those dogs, we emphasize the objective over the subjective.  We do … Read more

Introducing the Puppy Mobile

During these first few days and weeks, the puppies’ process of discovery and growth is fascinating to watch and understand.  You may remember a previous post in which I stated that a primary goal of puppy enrichment is to stimulate the brain’s neurological pathways.  We know that during neonatal development, a puppy is particularly receptive … Read more

Black and Tan: The Real Thing

The Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd Association strides to preserve a specific type of dog. We use three investigations as determining factors. Our first investigation is appearance and behavior (phenotype). We use the Blankenship Bloodline Standard as the barometer for this investigation. This same standard of the Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd has … Read more

Planting Little Trees

Tom D. Stodghill of Quinlan, Texas, and John and Pauline Blankenship of Murfreesboro, TN ran two of the most commercially successful breeding operations in the history of our English Shepherd breed. Stodghill famously bragged in one article about how he had shipped dogs to “All Fifty States.” And I’m confident that the Blankenship’s equaled his … Read more

State of the Bloodline Issue

American Farm Shepherds Illustrated 2022 June Vol. 2, Issue 2 Contents This issue of American Farm Shepherds Illustrated addresses the state of the Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd bloodline. Breeder Incubator Program Status update on our Breeder Incubator Program. Canceled Canines An interview with an experienced ES breeder about the historical impact of the … Read more

Bloodline stewardship; maximize sibling contribution

Over the course of my professional career, I have learned the value of engaging with subject matter experts when it comes to situations which require critical decision making. To succeed, one cannot be afraid to ask for help and advice. With this lesson in hand, I elected to engage with a conservancy organization on behalf … Read more

Litter Announcement Ad Package

At our March 2022 board of directors meeting, we voted to begin offering a Litter Announcement Ad Package. The package includes 10 full-color folding booklet-style announcements printed on certificate paper and multiple litter announcement mailings to our e-mail distribution lists. Below is a sample of the printed announcements. The Litter Announcement Package costs $35. It … Read more