Exploring the Genetic Basis of Non-Pathological Behaviors in Dogs

In the realm of canine studies, research into behavior—particularly non-pathological behaviors—proves intriguing for both dog owners and scientists alike (Serpell, 1995). These behaviors span a wide range from herding and pointing to more abstract qualities like temperament and trainability (Svartberg, 2006). A deeper understanding of the genetics behind these behaviors not only expands our knowledge … Read more

Reflexive, Instinctive, and Learned Behaviors in Farm Dogs

This article aims to provide an overview of reflexive, instinctive, and learned behaviors exhibited by farm dogs. It presents examples of each type of behavior and highlights the importance of understanding these behaviors in maintaining a well-adjusted, productive working farm dog. In doing so, it also emphasizes the potential for enhancing the dog’s well-being … Read more

The Rise and Fall of Drover’s Dogs in the Eastern U.S.

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Contents1 Abstract2 Nineteenth Century3 Twentieth Century4 Conclusion5 References This article explores the historical role of drover’s dogs in the transportation of livestock across the United States in the 19th century. These specially trained dogs played a critical role in the success of moving large herds of animals along the paths of inland commerce.  The … Read more

How Farm Dogs are Developed

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Contents1 Abstract2 A Collaborative Process2.1 Geography2.2 Culture use2.3 Predation2.4 Livestock2.5 Commercialization3 Conclusion This article explores the development of farm dogs and how they are trained to become efficient working dogs. It provides an overview of the different stages involved in the development of farm dogs, including selection, socialization, and training. The article discusses the … Read more

Bred by Early Settlers

Black and Tan English Shepherd

English Shepherds are a type of dog that developed in the rural areas of the Appalachian and Ozark regions of the United States. They were bred by early settlers for their versatility and ability to perform a wide variety of tasks on the farm, including herding livestock, guarding the property, and providing companionship. English Shepherds … Read more