Use of English Shepherds in World War I

This article states that English Shepherds were used in World War I “in large numbers.” All dogs’ jobs were ranked in order: Sentinels’ assistant Patrol dog Courier Drafting Guard dogs Ratters When Dogs Go To War Dayton Daily News (Dayton, Ohio) · 7 Apr 1918, Sun · Page 30

Jasper the Wonder Dog

An English Shepherd named Jasper wowed audiences in the 1930’s by taking the stage alone and obeying commands issued over a sound system. His trainer was a R.L. Edwards of Greenville, SC.

James Maynard’s Males

Let’s take a quick look at James Maynard’s males. According to records, Mr. Maynard owned 5 males. Males Sire Strain Maynard’s King I Smith’s King ? (no male progeny) Maynard’s Duke Maynard’s King III A1a H1a.48 Maynard’s King III Oney’s Smoke A1a H1a.48 Maynard’s Prince Sallee’s Okla Boo A1a H1a.48 Maynard’s King Bob Maynard’s Prince … Read more

Janice Sallee’s Males

Let’s take a quick look at Janice Sallee’s males. According to records, Mrs. Sallee and her husband together owned 12 males. Males Sire Strain Sallee’s Okla Boo Smokey Ruff A1a H1a.48 Sallee’s Hub Cap Sallee’s Smoky Bear ? (no recorded progeny) Sallee’s Sambo Wheelbarger’s Ebony A1a H1a.29 Sallee’s Billy Bob Sallee’s Sambo A1a H1a.29 Sallee’s … Read more

Mitchell Oney’s Males

Let’s take a quick look at Mitchell Oney’s males. According to records, Mr. Oney owned 8 males. Males Sire Strain Oney’s Ruff Yoder’s Fritz Duke A1a H1a.29 Duke (sire of Oney’s Butch) Williams’ Bob A1a H1a.48 Oney’s Ziggy Oney’s Butch A1a H1a.48 Oney’s Toby Nick (Stodghill) (?) Oney’s Butch Duke A1a H1a.48 Oney’s Sam Bruce … Read more

Blankenship’s Standard for Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherds

Blankenship’s Old Fashion Type – Century Strain Natural Heelers – Black and Tan The Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd is a medium sized, strongly-built, active dog. He is affectionate, intelligent, naturally obedient, not quarrelsome or possessive, but of great courage and extremely faithful. He is not easily excitable and is usually dignified in manner. … Read more

Shipping of Dogs and Pups

A live and healthy delivery is guaranteed.  On ordering a pup please state your NEAREST EXPRESS OFFICE and TELEPHONE NUMBER on the enclosed order blank card. All pups are wormed once or more and given Anti-Canine Distemper-Hepatitis-Leptospira Conicola Serum before shipping. Pups are shipped after weaning, usually 6 to 8 weeks.  All shipments are AIR … Read more

Blankenship’s Registered English Shepherd Dogs

Natural Heelers In reply to inquiries about our English Shepherds we are happy to give detailed information about our dogs. First of all we want to tell you that we are farmers, and have been farmers all our lives.  Therefore, we have actual knowledge and experience in the type of dog best suited for an … Read more