Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd Breeder Survey

As World War II progressed, farmers were being asked to produce more food with fewer workers. More and more young men were being drafted or enlisted in the military. The farm labor shortage became severe, especially for fruit and vegetable producers.  In the course of the war, 15 million men and women were called up … Read more

Gravitas and Grit

Many of Shep’s and Sally’s ancestors[1]Shep and Sally are by Sallee’s Rustie Jr. out of Sherling’s Jill were drover’s dogs used by farmers and ranchers of the Southeast U.S. to drive stock through thick woods and over narrow mountain paths.[2]Walter Oglivie, “Pete The Mountain Dog,” English Shepherd Club of America’s Who’s Who Breeder Manual, pg … Read more

Catching Butterflies

There are a lot rural families here in the Southeast who breed unregistered black and tans. Through my ads in farm magazines, I personally know and have spoken with 8-10 such breeders. Every once in awhile, a club breeder will “discover” an unregistered line of dogs from here. Kind of the way Columbus “discovered” America … Read more

The Barnes’ Family Dogs

Mr. Charles Barnes of Virginia recently traveled to Alabama to pick-up a puppy by Sallee’s Rustie Jr. out of Sherling’s Princess.  The Barnes family has kept Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherds for two generations, dating back to IESR and UKC dogs from the 60s. The Barnes’ dogs included Barnes’ Lady by Blankenship’s Buster out … Read more

Cancelled Canines – An Interview

Oney's Butch

The farmcollie movement influenced the English Shepherd breed community via internet lists, AWFA, and the vocalness of its proponents.  Since this all coincided with the breed coming out of a pretty severe bottleneck, it skewed what was being bred and it influenced a lot of new breeders.  So now, black and tans are in a … Read more

Before the Farm Collie Movement

Before the Farm Collie Movement propagandized the intermixing of their farm collies with everything else in the farm dog world, we had a bloodline of English Shepherds that weren’t predominately collies.  Here’s an article from the April 1952 issue of Dog World Magazine titled “They Are Not the Same.” Interesting point of fact; none of … Read more

They Are Not the Same

This article was originally published in Dog World Magazine of April 1952 Could you please give me the following information? Why do you have your English Shepherds and border collies advertised in the same ad column? Are they the same kind of dog? And is the border collie sometimes short-tailed? Are the short-tailed shepherd and … Read more