Factors Influencing Life Expectancy of English Shepherds and Other Breeds

This review synthesizes the existing literature on factors that influence the life expectancy of dogs. The factors examined include breed, genetics, diet, physical activity, veterinary care, dental health, obesity, training methods, owner behavior consistency, engagement in activities, and the living environment. The review highlights the importance of each factor in maintaining a dog’s overall … Read more

Intra-specific and Inter-specific Use of Attention-seeking Behaviors by Dogs

Dogs are renowned for their strong social bonds, not just with humans but also with other dogs. Their ability to communicate and engage in complex social interactions is a product of their evolution as a domesticated species. Dogs use a variety of attention-seeking behaviors in both intra-specific (within their species) and inter-specific (between species) … Read more

Predatory Motor Sequences In English Shepherd Dogs

Predatory motor patterns in dogs are innate behaviors that have evolved over time to aid in hunting and capturing prey. These behaviors, inherited from their wild ancestors, can still be observed in domestic dogs, albeit to varying degrees. This entry explores the six stages of the predatory motor sequence in dogs and applies Tinbergen’s four … Read more

Contrasting the Portrayal of Dogs in Philosophy and Modern Natural Sciences

This discussion explores the portrayal of dogs in philosophical writings and contrasts it with the understanding of dogs derived from modern natural sciences. While philosophers have often used dogs as metaphors or symbols to address human nature, ethics, and the human condition, modern scientific research has provided insights into the complex cognitive abilities, emotions, … Read more

Age-Appropriate Exercise for Dogs: Guidelines and Recommendations for Optimal Health

Black and Tan English Shepherd

This article provides a comprehensive guide to age-appropriate exercise for dogs, including recommendations and cautions for each life stage, as well as common examples of activities and estimated caloric burn per minute. The stages of ontogeny covered include puppies, adolescents, adults, and seniors. In addition, this article includes a list of farm dog activities … Read more

How To Remediate Destructive Chewing in Dogs

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Destructive chewing is a common problem in dogs, often caused by boredom, anxiety, and a lack of appropriate chew toys. This paper discusses the use of operant conditioning to remediate destructive chewing behavior in dogs. Through a case study involving a one-year-old English Shepherd named Buddy, we demonstrate the effectiveness of positive reinforcement, supervision, … Read more

Exploring the Flatboat Era: The Role of Flatboats and Dogs in American History

This article provides an overview of the flatboat era in American history, highlighting the important role that flatboats and dogs played during this time. The flatboat era, which occurred in the early 19th century, saw the rise of flatboats as a common mode of transportation and commerce on the Western rivers of the United … Read more

Dogs on the American Frontier: Protectors of Pioneers

Black and Tan English Shepherd


This article explores the role of dogs in the lives of pioneers on the American frontier. The pioneers who settled the frontier were a determined and self-reliant group of people who sought to shape the land to their desires and ambitions. Despite the challenges they faced, they believed that they could create a better life for themselves and their families by carving out a new home in the wilderness. Dogs played an important role in their lives, helping them to protect themselves, their families, and their property. The article discusses the different breeds of dogs used for protection, including mastiffs, bloodhounds, coonhounds, and English Shepherds.

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