Protocol-based Dog Care

In the practice of Protocol-based Dog Care, dog activities get organized into repeatable processes. From each process, re-usable protocols get identified to meet an individual dog or a group of dogs specific requirements. Single Dog Protocols Single Dog Protocols include activities such as: Meals Exercise Medication Training Work Weigh-In Vet Visit Other Activities Group Protocols … Read more

The Daily Goat Dog Routine

Here on Roanoke Creek Ranch, there are usually three opportunities per day for goat dog training.  The early morning feeding Mid-morning open range rumination Late afternoon open range rumination Generally, the youngest member of the goat dog team comes along for early morning feeding.  The interaction is safe, and the pup/young dog gets face time … Read more

Age To Spay Or Neuter, Ovary Sparing Spay, Vasectomy, Cancer Links

I don’t neuter[1]castrate is the gender-specific term for males my male dogs without an explicit medical reason.  I do neuter[2]spay is the gender-specific term for females my females at 6-9 years of age.  My neutering protocol takes discipline, record keeping, extra work/time in dog management, and requisite housing facilities.  I understand that not all dog … Read more

Good Trade

This time of year, there’s a lot of deer hunting out in my neck of the woods. Freyja, my Anatolian cross, brings a lot of treats in to camp. When one of the English shepherd’s dogs get a hold of a deer bone, I make a trade. I’ll say, “trade” and offer her a stuffed … Read more

Time for Core Vaccination Boosters

Here at Roanoke Creek Ranch, January means time for core vaccination boosters. I re-vaccinate core shots at 1 year old, then every 2-3 years after. If I’m planning to breed a particular female that year, I’ll vaccinate for sure in January to ensure maternally derived antibodies are passed along to the pups. According to the … Read more