Factors Influencing Life Expectancy of English Shepherds and Other Breeds

This review synthesizes the existing literature on factors that influence the life expectancy of dogs. The factors examined include breed, genetics, diet, physical activity, veterinary care, dental health, obesity, training methods, owner behavior consistency, engagement in activities, and the living environment. The review highlights the importance of each factor in maintaining a dog’s overall … Read more

How To Build a Strong Bond with Your English Shepherd Puppy


Establishing a strong bond with a puppy is crucial for their overall well-being, happiness, and development into a well-adjusted adult dog. This article explores the various factors that contribute to building a strong bond between human caretakers and their canine companions, highlighting the importance of socialization, physical touch, mental stimulation, play, communication, consistency, positive reinforcement, empathy, patience, and quality time. By understanding and applying these essential elements, caretakers can foster a healthy and lasting relationship with their puppies, ensuring a happy, secure, and trusting dog.

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Overcoming Choice Support Bias: How to Choose the Right Dog Food for Your Farm Dog’s Optimal Health

This article discusses the concept of choice support bias and how it can influence a farm dog owners’ decisions regarding their dog’s food. It highlights signs that indicate the wrong dog food is being fed and provides a step-by-step guide for selecting the right dog food based on a dog’s specific needs. By understanding … Read more

Age-Appropriate Exercise for Dogs: Guidelines and Recommendations for Optimal Health

Black and Tan English Shepherd

This article provides a comprehensive guide to age-appropriate exercise for dogs, including recommendations and cautions for each life stage, as well as common examples of activities and estimated caloric burn per minute. The stages of ontogeny covered include puppies, adolescents, adults, and seniors. In addition, this article includes a list of farm dog activities … Read more

Protect Your Dog from Common Household, Farm Toxins and Other Hazards

This article provides a comprehensive overview of various household and farm toxins and other environmental hazards that pose a risk to dogs. It highlights the potential dangers associated with common foods, household cleaning products, medications, insecticides, pesticides, automotive products, plants, farm products, toys, and miscellaneous items. The article emphasizes the importance of pet owners … Read more

Strategies for Managing Blindness in Older Dogs: Enhancing Quality of Life and Fostering Adaptation

As older dogs face vision loss due to various factors such as cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal degeneration, their quality of life and ability to navigate their environment may be compromised. This article provides practical strategies for dog owners to manage their pets’ blindness, focusing on creating a consistent environment, utilizing scent and sound cues, … Read more

Adapting to Age-Related Deafness in Dogs: Strategies for Enhanced Communication and Well-Being

As dogs age, they may experience hearing loss, which can affect their behavior, safety, and overall quality of life. This paper presents a comprehensive set of strategies for dealing with age-related deafness in older dogs, including the use of visual and tactile cues, environmental enrichment, leash training, and controlled socialization. By implementing these strategies, … Read more

Puppy Pathways of Opportunity

Black and Tan English Shepherd

The best way to lift the condition of a litter is to reward excellence in all puppies, while providing pathways of opportunity for the least advantaged ones. The least advantaged puppies will ultimately benefit most. This is the promise of litter enrichment – the notion that a rising tide raises all ships. Advanced breeders are … Read more

Age To Spay Or Neuter, Ovary Sparing Spay, Vasectomy, Cancer Links

Black and Tan English Shepherd

I don’t neuter[1]castrate is the gender-specific term for males my male dogs without an explicit medical reason.  I do neuter[2]spay is the gender-specific term for females my females at 6-9 years of age.  My neutering protocol takes discipline, record keeping, extra work/time in dog management, and requisite housing facilities.  I understand that not all dog … Read more

Time for Core Vaccination Boosters

Here at Roanoke Creek Ranch, January means time for core vaccination boosters. I re-vaccinate core shots at 1 year old, then every 2-3 years after. If I’m planning to breed a particular female that year, I’ll vaccinate for sure in January to ensure maternally derived antibodies are passed along to the pups. According to the … Read more