Protect Your Dog from Common Household, Farm Toxins and Other Hazards

Abstract This article provides a comprehensive overview of various household and farm toxins and other environmental hazards that pose a risk to dogs. It highlights the potential dangers associated with common foods, household cleaning products, medications, insecticides, pesticides, automotive products, plants, farm products, toys, and miscellaneous items. The article emphasizes the importance of pet owners … Read more

Strategies for Managing Blindness in Older Dogs: Enhancing Quality of Life and Fostering Adaptation

Abstract As older dogs face vision loss due to various factors such as cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal degeneration, their quality of life and ability to navigate their environment may be compromised. This article provides practical strategies for dog owners to manage their pets’ blindness, focusing on creating a consistent environment, utilizing scent and sound cues, … Read more

Adapting to Age-Related Deafness in Dogs: Strategies for Enhanced Communication and Well-Being

Abstract As dogs age, they may experience hearing loss, which can affect their behavior, safety, and overall quality of life. This paper presents a comprehensive set of strategies for dealing with age-related deafness in older dogs, including the use of visual and tactile cues, environmental enrichment, leash training, and controlled socialization. By implementing these strategies, … Read more

Anatomy of Farm Dogs: Adaptations for Optimal Performance in Agricultural Environments

Abstract Farm dogs, bred for specific tasks in agricultural settings, possess unique anatomical features that enhance their abilities to perform tasks such as herding, guarding, and tracking. This article provides an overview of the key anatomical adaptations in farm dogs, including their skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, coat … Read more

Puppy Pathways of Opportunity

Black and Tan English Shepherd

The best way to lift the condition of a litter is to reward excellence in all puppies, while providing pathways of opportunity for the least advantaged ones. The least advantaged puppies will ultimately benefit most. This is the promise of litter enrichment – the notion that a rising tide raises all ships. Advanced breeders are … Read more

Recommended Reading Spring 2023

Recently read, can recommend: Ha, J.C., and T.L. Campion. 2018. Dog Behavior: Modern Science and Our Canine Companions. Elsevier Science. Scott, J.P., and John L. Fuller. 1974. Genetics and the Social Behaviour of the Dog. A Phoenix Book, P570. University of Chicago Press. Aloff, B. 2005. Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide : Interpreting … Read more

As a Dog Breeder, Prepare to Succeed

Black and Tan English Shepherd

High-volume breeding is a qualitative, not quantitative label.  It is not about the number of puppies being produced, although that is usually a factor.  High-volume is qualitative because it means a breeder does not have the knowledge, time or decency to give puppies the appropriate care during some or all of the critical development periods … Read more

High Volume Breeding

The problem [with High Volume Breeding] is the accelerated loss of genetic diversity. When you have a high volume breeder using short generation times that loss stands the potential of having a dramatic impact on the breed as a whole – if you’ve seen ICB’s “extinction vortex”, the combination of high volume breeding at short … Read more

Vixen’s Litter Day 21 – Sounds from the Farm

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Vixen’s Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd puppies began to spend daytime hours outside yesterday.  That was a big step, so we didn’t throw much more than that at them. Today, when we went back outside, we started exposing them to the rural sounds of the farm.  At first, these sounds are introduced from a … Read more

Whelping Box Day 18 – Masters of Their Universe

Black and Tan English Shepherd

After about 4 sessions over a 24-hour period, our smart and determined puppies have learned to scale the barrier. The nuance of this seemingly small feat should not be overlooked. This is the biggest challenge these pups have ever faced. Every time they scale the barrier, they build coordination and confidence. Puppy enrichment is progressive, … Read more

Of English Shepherds and Landrace Conservation

Black and Tan English Shepherd

In this brief essay, I will describe the genetic organization of a landrace breed, and I will compare it to the closed nucleus system used by most standardized breeds.  I will touch on the surface of four possible conservation strategies for a landrace breed, and finally, I will conclude with my personal experience in breeding … Read more