How To Socialize Your English Shepherd Farm Dog

A well-adjusted English Shepherd on a farm ideally displays excellent socialization skills with humans, livestock, and other dogs. This is fundamental for the breed, as they are typically used as herding, working, and companion dogs. To achieve this level of socialization, the process must begin early and continue throughout the dog’s life. The critical period … Read more

How To Build a Strong Bond with Your English Shepherd Puppy


Establishing a strong bond with a puppy is crucial for their overall well-being, happiness, and development into a well-adjusted adult dog. This article explores the various factors that contribute to building a strong bond between human caretakers and their canine companions, highlighting the importance of socialization, physical touch, mental stimulation, play, communication, consistency, positive reinforcement, empathy, patience, and quality time. By understanding and applying these essential elements, caretakers can foster a healthy and lasting relationship with their puppies, ensuring a happy, secure, and trusting dog.

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Successful Crate Training with Variable Interval Reinforcement

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Crate training is an essential skill for puppies to learn, as it provides a safe and secure space for them to retreat to when their owners are away or when they need to settle down. However, training a challenging puppy can be a daunting task, as they tend to be curious, easily distracted, and resistant … Read more

How To Stop Dogs from Begging at the Dinner Table

Black and Tan English Shepherd

This article discusses the use of extinction training as a method to stop dogs from begging at the dinner table. The method involves ignoring the unwanted behavior, reinforcing the desired behavior, and maintaining consistency and patience throughout the process. The dog will eventually learn that begging is not rewarded and will exhibit the desired … Read more