The Price of Hay

The price of hay has really gone up.  My local Farmer’s COOP says it’s going to stay that way as long as fertilizer is so expensive.  Normally, I’d feed my goats hay through the winter, but it was always a thorn in my side because I have plenty of good grassland that isn’t fenced-in.   My … Read more

Vixen’s Litter Day 21 – Sounds from the Farm

Vixen’s Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd puppies began to spend daytime hours outside yesterday.  That was a big step, so we didn’t throw much more than that at them. Today, when we went back outside, we started exposing them to the rural sounds of the farm.  At first, these sounds are introduced from a … Read more

Liberty Puts the Goats Away

Liberty is my 10.5 month old English Shepherd male. In this video clip, he helps me put the goats back after they’ve spent the early morning ruminating on orchard grass. Liberty has self-control, a strong presence but a soft touch when working my livestock. When he’s not working stock, Liberty enjoys ball fetch, disc catch, … Read more

Protocol-based Dog Care

In the practice of Protocol-based Dog Care, dog activities get organized into repeatable processes. From each process, re-usable protocols get identified to meet an individual dog or a group of dogs specific requirements. Single Dog Protocols Single Dog Protocols include activities such as: Meals Exercise Medication Training Work Weigh-In Vet Visit Other Activities Group Protocols … Read more

Liberty Accelerates

If I had to use one word to describe Liberty[1]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Liberty these past few weeks, it would have to be “acceleration”. If you had asked me in mid-May who my number one goat dog was, I would have said Sugar[2]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Famous Shoes. And … Read more

Training for a Truck Ramp

Liberty started training on the ramp at about 7 weeks old. We started with the ramp flat on the ground. We raised the angle up slowly. We got used to the sound of the diesel engine. During the whole process, we used marker training to reinforce behavior. Now at about 11 weeks, he enters and … Read more