How To Train Your English Shepherd Dog To Stay

Dog Situation

A puppy owner wants to teach their new puppy the “stay” command to ensure the dog remains in a designated spot when asked, which can be helpful in various situations like when guests arrive or when the owner needs the puppy to stay put for safety reasons.

Dog Behaviors

At first, the puppy may not understand the command and may exhibit behaviors such as following the owner, getting up after a brief period, or becoming distracted by their surroundings.

Trainer Recommendation

How To Train Your Dog To Stay

  1. Start in a distraction-free environment

    Choose a quiet and distraction-free environment to begin training.

  2. Ensure your puppy already knows “sit” or “down”

    Ensure your puppy already knows the “sit” or “down” command, as they will need to be in one of these positions before learning to stay.

  3. Put your puppy in a “sit”

    Put your puppy in a “sit” or “down” position.

  4. Stand in front

    Stand in front of the puppy and use a clear, firm voice to say “stay” while simultaneously extending your palm toward them, which will serve as a visual cue.

  5. Take a step back

    Take a step back while maintaining eye contact with the puppy.

  6. Click and reward

    If the puppy remains in the position, quickly click the clicker (or use a verbal marker like “yes”) and reward them with a treat and praise.

  7. Gradually increase the distance

    Gradually increase the distance and duration of the “stay” command, always rewarding and praising the puppy when they successfully follow the command.

  8. Repeat

    If the puppy breaks their stay position, calmly return them to the initial spot and repeat the process without scolding or punishing.


By consistently and patiently training the puppy to “stay,” they will eventually learn to remain in their designated spot until released by the owner. This skill can be beneficial in various situations, promoting the dog’s safety and well-being, and providing the owner with better control over their pet.

Keep in mind that puppies have shorter attention spans, so it’s essential to keep training sessions short (about 5-10 minutes) and positive to ensure the best results. With time, practice, and consistency, the puppy will master the “stay” command and become a well-behaved and obedient companion.

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