Dawson’s Dog

Dear Mr. Dawson, With a heavy heart, I am writing to inform you that your son Lewis was killed by a bear.  I was his companion and his friend. Some of us were hunting and a few others cooking, and a couple of men had gone off picking some grapes.  Suddenly, a gun was fired … Read more

Virgil Grinder’s Adventures with My Dogs

Born during the mid-nineteenth century, Virgil Grinder lived an eventful life during a dangerous and violent period in the United States’ history. Starting with his youth in war-torn Appalachia, every step of Virgil Grinder’s lifelong fight for survival was aided by his gritty, loyal black and tan English Shepherd dogs. In the chapters of “Virgil … Read more

The End of My Childhood

My family settled near Wartburg, Tennessee in 1845. I was born a short three years later in October of 1848. I grew up during a troubled time in the history of our country. Up until the time I left home, I expect that I ran into about as much trouble as any other boy in … Read more

Down By The Creek

I turned eighteen in the spring of 1968.  That was a controversial time in our country’s history.  But my family has a long tradition of military service, so I enlisted in the U.S. Army on the very day of my majority.  I was due to ship out to basic training in early June.  By late … Read more