The Problem with Bumblebees

Black and Tan English Shepherd

I recently saw a post in a Facebook group where an individual adamantly stated that English Shepherds don’t have black on their tongues.  I didn’t jump to correct the individual because I understand the nature of cognitive bias.  The availability heuristic, also known as availability bias, is a mental shortcut that relies on immediate examples … Read more

Our Purpose

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Through effort and expenditure, we know the genetic signatures for several of the Blankenships’ dogs.  By testing our current dogs, we can determine their congruency to the ancestral line bred by the Blankenships and their co-breeders.  In our effort to preserve the genetics of those dogs, we emphasize the objective over the subjective.  We do … Read more

High Volume Breeding

The problem [with High Volume Breeding] is the accelerated loss of genetic diversity. When you have a high volume breeder using short generation times that loss stands the potential of having a dramatic impact on the breed as a whole – if you’ve seen ICB’s “extinction vortex”, the combination of high volume breeding at short … Read more

English Shepherd Tracker Training

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Since at least as early as the nineteenth century, hunters in Appalachia, the Ohio River Valley, and the South were using Old-fashioned black and tan English shepherds to tree small game, bay larger game, track wounded game, and catch wild boar hogs. As life in America has urbanized and some would say become emasculated, our … Read more

Dawson’s Dog

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Dear Mr. Dawson, With a heavy heart, I am writing to inform you that your son Lewis was killed by a bear.  I was his companion and his friend. Some of us were hunting and a few others cooking, and a couple of men had gone off picking some grapes.  Suddenly, a gun was fired … Read more