The Problem with Bumblebees

I recently saw a post in a Facebook group where an individual adamantly stated that English Shepherds don’t have black on their tongues.  I didn’t jump to correct the individual because I understand the nature of cognitive bias.  The availability heuristic, also known as availability bias, is a mental shortcut that relies on immediate examples … Read more

Before the Farm Collie Movement

Before the Farm Collie Movement propagandized the intermixing of their farm collies with everything else in the farm dog world, we had a bloodline of English Shepherds that weren’t predominately collies.  Here’s an article from the April 1952 issue of Dog World Magazine titled “They Are Not the Same.” Interesting point of fact; none of … Read more

In the News

OBTESA Board of Directors’ regular quarterly meeting to be held March 15th, 2022. Vol. 2, Issue 1 of American Farm Shepherds Illustrated was mailed to subscribers on March 11th. Three females and two males were born on 11/15/2021 to Sallee’s Rustie Jr. and Sherling’s Jill.  The litter was registered UKC.  As part of the OBTESA … Read more

The Best Dogs We Have Ever Had

For a century or more, a culture and tradition has existed around the Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd dog. John Blankenship’s father rode into town on an old gray mare with a black and tan at his side to drive home the livestock he purchased. Walter Oglivie followed on horseback while a pair of … Read more

3rd Annual English Shepherd Roundup

…..Okay all English Shepherd owners it is time to think about and make reservations for the 3rd annual English Shepherd Roundup held at Four Paws Kingdom (new owners) in Rutherfordton North Carolina. It will be the last weekend in October. The 29th, 30th, and 31st. It fills up very quickly so make your reservations … Read more

Natchez Dogs Community

Natchez Dogs is open, online community you will find English shepherd breed history, educational resources, litter listings, and fellowship. The environment is free of bullying, political agenda and corporate interests. Our community runs on an open source software stack. The platform, servers and database are paid for and administered by community members.

You’re Invited

I have come to feel a little uncomfortable with sharing my information and my life experiences on mainstream social media networks.  I feel like my privacy has been violated when I use a search engine to research on some product, and the next thing I know I’m seeing ads on Facebook for that same product.  … Read more

Barn Hunt Practice Day January 14th

Middle Tree Farms will be having another Barn Hunt practice day at the farm this coming Thursday, the 14th, starting at noon. If you would like to join them please let Caroline know ASAP. Everyone chips in to help each other. If North Carolina is far from you, consider taking a look at the Barn … Read more

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