An Incomplete Historical Timeline of the Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd

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Aug 10

Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd Association

Black and Tan English Shepherd

OBTESA became a Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation on August 10, 2021. The initial board of directors was John Sherling, Larry Raulston and Tony Bierman. The mission of the Old-fashioned Black & Tan English Shepherd Association is to assist and promote the breeding, registration, training, and use of the Old-fashioned Black and…Read More

Jun 23

If We Don’t Do Something, They are Going to Die Off

This message was sent to the English Shepherd Club’s Yahoo Group by Rebecca Wingler on June 23, 2009. The message is published here with Ms. Wingler’s permisson. There are still some Blankenship line bred dogs around, but they are getting fewer. The last I heard (couple of years back), Pauline…Read More

Jul 19

James Maynard Ad

The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee) · 19 Jul 1996, Fri · Page 66

Jul 18

Williams Dairy Ad

The Chatham Record (Pittsboro, North Carolina) · 18 Jul 1996, Thu · Page 26

Mar 07

Shepherd’s Rex Blaze

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Early on, Shepherd’s Rex Blaze was a bit of a hard case.  While at his first stop, an urban home in Alabama, the family’s wife died.  Under the circumstances, her husband felt compelled to re-home Rex.   From there, he landed on the farm of a doctor friend who was ironically…Read More

Jun 02

Sallee’s Billy Bob

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Sallee’s Billy Bob was born 1994-06-02. He was bred by Janice Sallee and owned by Janice Sallee. His sire was Sallee’s Sambo and his dam was Sallee’s Mindy Lou.

May 13

Sallee’s Mindy Lou

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Sallee’s Mindy Lou was born 1989-05-13. She was bred by John Blankenship and owned by Janice Sallee. Her sire was Blankenship’s Sambo and her dam was Blankenship’s Dolly.

Apr 07

Sallee’s Tippy

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Sallee’s Tippy was born 4/7/1988. She was bred by John Blankenship and owned by Janice Sallee. Her sire was Blankenship’s Traveler and her dam was Blankenship’s Cindy.

Feb 03

Your Faithful Old English Shepherd Will Not Let Your Children Fight

Stodghill’s Animal Research Foundation ARF- Cowdog Magazine 73rd Edition, page 3 Gentlemen we specialize in the true Black-tan working type English Shepherd, the kind that will go a mile after the cows and on a dairy farm where you milk your cows every day at the same time you will…Read More

Feb 03

Snitker’s Double (RR) Ranch Ad

Stodghill’s Animal Research Foundation ARF- Cowdog Magazine 73rd Edition Double (RR) Ranch Roger & Rogene Snitker Pollock, Texas From Snitker’s Bozo Bloodline Breeding Services to approved Females Bhodark Bozo of Snitker’s Bozo ARF No. 5435 – Vol. 54 Owned by Miss Valirie Mann Avery, Texas

Dec 30

Mitchell Oney Ad

News-Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) · 30 Dec 1984, Sun · Page 43

Dec 14

Oney’s Butch

Black and Tan English Shepherd

The late Oney’s Butch was born December 14th, 1984. He was bred and owned by the late Mitchell Oney of Greenwich, OH. Butch was registered UKC, IESR and ARF. He was of the well-known ESBT sire line going back to ARF Old Shep. To call Oney’s Butch a key ancestor…Read More

Jul 27

Abe L. Raber Ad

The Daily Reporter (Dover, Ohio) · 27 Jul 1968, Sat · Page 22

Dec 19

Carl Shackelford Ad

The Leaf-Chronicle (Clarksville, Tennessee) · 19 Dec 1967, Tue · Page 13

Mar 07

Fred Riedl Ad

Garden City Telegram (Garden City, Kansas) · 7 Mar 1958, Fri · Page 6 Blankenship’s Carrie was out of Riedl’s Buddy Sol and Riedl’s Belinda BC II

Sep 21

John Blankenship Ad

The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina) · 21 Sep 1952, Sun · Page 129

Nov 01

Goat Dogs

Black and Tan English Shepherd

As a child, Major Jesse Ursery of Bellevue, Tennessee owned a black and tan English shepherd named Fan.  Among other things, Fan was a tree dog who accompanied the Ursery boys on squirrel and raccoon hunting expeditions.   Fan also drove the milk cows for John Ursery, the boys’ father. As…Read More

Aug 22

The Animal Research Foundation

Founded by Tom D. Stodghill (1903 – 1989), an article[1]The Truth about the Registries by Tom Stodghill, Stodghill’s Animal Research Magazine Spring-Summer 1971 Issue, page 16 written by the founder states that The Animal Research Foundation was set up in 1950 as the English Shepherd Club of America (ESCOA). By…Read More

Aug 22

English Shepherd Club of America (ESCOA)

According to Tom D. Stodghill, the English Shepherd Club of America was informally founded on August 22nd, 1950.[1]ESCOA Who’s Who Breeder Manual, page 15 Stodghill states that 16 members joined by the end of the first week. Two months prior, in June of 1950, Stodghill wrote the English Shepherd Standard.…Read More

Jun 01

Stodghill’s English Shepherd Standard Published in Dog World Magazine

In June 1950 before we organized the ESCOA, I received a letter from Will Judy, editor of “Dog World”, wanting a copy of the English Shepherd Standard. I kept putting it off. Then he wired me, so I wrote the “English Shepherd Standard” one Sunday, and I had to mail…Read More

Sep 18

Paxton Ad

The Times Recorder (Zanesville, Ohio) · 18 Sep 1936, Fri · Page 22

Sep 16

Hellam’s Kennel Ad

The Journal and Tribune (Knoxville, Tennessee) · 16 Sep 1923, Sun · Page 15

Jan 01

Black and Tan Shepherd Farm Dogs In Use Prior to 1900

I spent an exciting Saturday night combing over the articles from the English Shepherd Club of America’s Who’s Who Breeder Manual.  In particular, I spent quite some time reading and re-reading John Blankenship’s article titled “The Blankenship’s Best Friend”.  Mr. Blankenship makes some statements in his article which shine even…Read More

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