Liberty Puts the Goats Away

Liberty is my 10.5 month old English Shepherd male. In this video clip, he helps me put the goats back after they’ve spent the early morning ruminating on orchard grass. Liberty has self-control, a strong presence but a soft touch when working my livestock. When he’s not working stock, Liberty enjoys ball fetch, disc catch, … Read more

Liberty Accelerates

If I had to use one word to describe Liberty[1]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Liberty these past few weeks, it would have to be “acceleration”. If you had asked me in mid-May who my number one goat dog was, I would have said Sugar[2]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Famous Shoes. And … Read more

Raising Liberty

As a pup, Liberty was put through advanced enrichment training. He and his siblings began their training as neonates, at 3 days old. Over a period of ten weeks, Liberty and his siblings were put through a detailed course that started with Early Neurological Stimulation. They were exposed to Startle Recovery Training. To Ambient Noise … Read more

Stock Training with Young Liberty

At this point in his young career, Liberty’s stock management training consists of taking him with me twice per day to feed the goats.  He becomes used to the goats and understands that managing the goats is part of his daily routine.  Liberty carries a long lead for the entire exercise. Chasing behind the goats … Read more