Liberty Accelerates

If I had to use one word to describe Liberty[1]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Liberty these past few weeks, it would have to be “acceleration”. If you had asked me in mid-May who my number one goat dog was, I would have said Sugar[2]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Famous Shoes. And if you’d asked me who the most athletic dog on the ranch was, I would have said Josie[3]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Natchez Trace Josie. But Liberty has had a noticeable spurt of physical and mental maturation these past few weeks. He’s now bigger, stronger and faster than Josie. And he has a lighter touch with the goats than Sugar. Liberty has a near instant off-switch. He stops on a dime, even in high-drive situations.

Liberty is also pleasantly affable. He’s seems to have taken the attributes I most admire in his sire[4]Biographical and Husbandry Details for Sallee’s Rustie Jr. and combined them with his mother’s physical gifts. I’m pleased with his development as a working dog, as a leader and as a companion. I need to get a photo of him snatching a Chuck-it ball out of the air. It’s fun to watch.