Liberty Makes the A Team

The orchard grass in the goat pasture was getting nibbled down a bit low.  I felt it best to let the goats out of their confinement to ruminate freely around the ranch.  With Sugar in season, it fell to Liberty to help me manage the herd for a few hours today while they were out.

Liberty did great.  He stayed by me the whole time, and constantly looked to me for direction.  He didn’t pester the goats or try to start pleasing himself by messing with them.  He also didn’t get distracted.  He was calm and workman-like.  At first, I started him out on a 15 foot drag line. But after about forty-five minutes, I went ahead and took the lead off.  It made no difference, he remained focused and helpful.  After about two hours, I told the goats it was time to head back into the fence.  Liberty saw my intent, and helped me to put them away.

With his calm demeanor, self-restraint and desire to help me, Liberty is proving himself to be a fine addition to the Roanoke Creek Ranch. Along with Sugar, I consider Liberty to be on the ranch hand A Team.