Foxhole Dog

Sugar will walk up to you and poke you in the chest. I’ve never seen her start a fight with another dog or goat. But on many occasions, I have seen here walk up to the other animal, stand erect and curl her tail up over back. If you’re a male animal or an animal … Read more

Litter Announcement Ad Package

At our March 2022 board of directors meeting, we voted to begin offering a Litter Announcement Ad Package. The package includes 10 full-color folding booklet-style announcements printed on certificate paper and multiple litter announcement mailings to our e-mail distribution lists. Below is a sample of the printed announcements. The Litter Announcement Package costs $35. It … Read more

Raising Vixen

This is my girl Vixen.  I’ve come to call her Vic for short.  She’s come to be a lovely, well-mannered young lady.  Vic comes with excellent recall now that she’s grown up a bit.  And her tan points are a particularly rich, mahogany-like brown.  Vic’s sire line goes back through West Virginia’s Carousel Farm, then … Read more

Finding a Blue Ribbon Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd

There are only a few breeders of the Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd.  These are unique farm dogs with a specific heritage. So, as you might expect, there is a waiting list for Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd puppies.  If you’re looking for a farm collie-type English Shepherd, which is a different … Read more

Catch Dogs

A catch dog is used in hunting to catch large animals, or in ranching to work unruly livestock. As hunters, catch dogs are contrasted with bay dogs who corner prey animals and alert their handler by barking or baying. As livestock dogs, catch dogs use their strength and determination to immobilize large animals so that … Read more

Before the Farm Collie Movement

Before the Farm Collie Movement propagandized the intermixing of their farm collies with everything else in the farm dog world, we had a bloodline of English Shepherds that weren’t predominately collies.  Here’s an article from the April 1952 issue of Dog World Magazine titled “They Are Not the Same.” Interesting point of fact; none of … Read more

They Are Not the Same

This article was originally published in Dog World Magazine of April 1952 Could you please give me the following information? Why do you have your English Shepherds and border collies advertised in the same ad column? Are they the same kind of dog? And is the border collie sometimes short-tailed? Are the short-tailed shepherd and … Read more