Sonny Tucker McCarty

Sonny Tucker McCarty was born in West Virginia on New Year’s Eve of 2003.  He was bred by Jim McGowen of Carousel Farm and owned by Alan McCarty.   Mr. McGowen used STM at least seven times, breeding him each time to one of two sisters, Carousel’s Lisa and Carousel’s Magnolia (Meg).  STM is a member … Read more

Recommended Reading Spring 2023

Recently read, can recommend: Ha, J.C., and T.L. Campion. 2018. Dog Behavior: Modern Science and Our Canine Companions. Elsevier Science. Scott, J.P., and John L. Fuller. 1974. Genetics and the Social Behaviour of the Dog. A Phoenix Book, P570. University of Chicago Press. Aloff, B. 2005. Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide : Interpreting … Read more

Rusty’s Boys at the Herding Clinic

Two of Rusty’s boys attended a Cathy Hartley herding clinic this weekend. By all accounts, Chase and Ruger represented our Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd bloodline well. Here’s a note from the clinic: You would have loved to have watched Chase and Ruger today at the herding clinic with Cathy Hartley!!!! It was Chase’s … Read more

Comanche Bluff Sassy Britches

This is the late Comanche Bluff Sassy Britches. Born 2004-01-25, Sassy Britches is of the important Hudson’s Lassie dam line, with maternal haplotype C2 C42/54/55. Sassy Britches had OFA Excellent hips, and she is an ancestor to several breeding quality females in use today, including my Vixen, John Sherling’s Meg, Larry Raulston’s Roxie Foley and … Read more

CHEW is a Canine Health Enrichment and Whelping Protocol

CHEW is a science-based protocol for whelping and raising healthy, operant puppies. CHEW Protocol v 0.5 BETA It is, of course, important at all ages to provide adequate nutrition and to prevent disease. Beyond these requirements, ideal care varies from period to period, and designing a good environment for the development of a puppy depends … Read more

First Friend Fact #20

The pattern of rapid, horizontal tail wagging is one of domestic dogs’ most noticed behaviors. It begins at a very early age and continues as long as the dog lives, appearing most often in situations in which the dog is friendly and submissive. It has no other function than a social one, and in all respects is much like a human smile.

(Scott and Fuller 1974)

The Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd is a breed of working dog native to the United States. The English shepherd is an all-purpose farm dog capable of working with any species of livestock. Rural families have favored these dogs for generations due to their grit, loyalty, and desire to please. ES activities include hunting, tracking, search-and-rescue, agility, obedience, companionship, and guard dog duty.

As a Dog Breeder, Prepare to Succeed

High-volume breeding is a qualitative, not quantitative label.  It is not about the number of puppies being produced, although that is usually a factor.  High-volume is qualitative because it means a breeder does not have the knowledge, time or decency to give puppies the appropriate care during some or all of the critical development periods … Read more