Prenatal Learning and its Relevance to Dog Breeding

Applied dog breeding is a complex practice that encompasses various factors, including genetics, health, temperament, and physical traits. One often overlooked aspect in the breeding process is the role of prenatal learning and the influence of maternal stress during pregnancy on the development and behavior of puppies. Scent & Sound Recognition Research suggests that puppies … Read more

Advances in Research and Technology for Better Dog Breeding

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Advances in research and technology have transformed dog breeding over the years, leading to healthier and more desirable dogs. DNA testing, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, genome sequencing, marker-assisted selection and improved nutrition are among the key technologies that have contributed to these improvements. DNA testing helps breeders screen their dogs for genetic diseases and … Read more

What are the areas of knowledge one should be familiar with to breed dogs well?

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Breeding dogs requires knowledge in areas such as genetics, breeding ethics, animal welfare, and breed-specific health concerns. This article provides an overview of the essential areas of knowledge one should be familiar with to breed dogs successfully. Areas of Knowledge Breeding dogs well requires knowledge in several areas, including: Genetics Understanding the basics of … Read more