Tracing the Bloodline Connection Among Male Black and Tan English Shepherds

This short article examines the bloodline connection among 15 male Black and Tan English Shepherds using canine genetics, specifically focusing on their shared paternal haplogroup A1a and haplotypes H1a.29 and H1a.48. By analyzing the DNA test results provided by Embark Vet, we determined that these dogs exhibit a close genetic relationship, supported by their … Read more

Advances in Research and Technology for Better Dog Breeding

Black and Tan English Shepherd

Advances in research and technology have transformed dog breeding over the years, leading to healthier and more desirable dogs. DNA testing, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, genome sequencing, marker-assisted selection and improved nutrition are among the key technologies that have contributed to these improvements. DNA testing helps breeders screen their dogs for genetic diseases and … Read more