Planting Little Trees

Tom D. Stodghill of Quinlan, Texas, and John and Pauline Blankenship of Murfreesboro, TN ran two of the most commercially successful breeding operations in the history of our English Shepherd breed. Stodghill famously bragged in one article about how he had shipped dogs to “All Fifty States.” And I’m confident that the Blankenship’s equaled his … Read more

I ♥ Puppy Hips

I know it sounds funny, but I’d like to take this opportunity to declare my love for puppy hips. Truthfully, there are few things I care about more than puppy hips. So much so that I wish I had a bumper sticker that read, “I ♥ Puppy Hips.”  From the moment a puppy emerges at … Read more

A Lot of Dog

There is a lot of dog in these photos. These are Sugar (Natchez Trace Famous Shoes) and Shep (Natchez Trace Rebel Elegy). Sugar is by Rockhouse Hollow Remington out of Prater’s Lucy. Shep is by Sallee’s Rustie Jr. out of Sherling’s Jill. Shep is just six months old in these photos, but when these two … Read more

State of the Bloodline Issue

American Farm Shepherds Illustrated 2022 June Vol. 2, Issue 2 Contents This issue of American Farm Shepherds Illustrated addresses the state of the Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd bloodline. Breeder Incubator Program Status update on our Breeder Incubator Program. Canceled Canines An interview with an experienced ES breeder about the historical impact of the … Read more