Gravitas and Grit

Many of Shep’s and Sally’s ancestors[1]Shep and Sally are by Sallee’s Rustie Jr. out of Sherling’s Jill were drover’s dogs used by farmers and ranchers of the Southeast U.S. to drive stock through thick woods and over narrow mountain paths.[2]Walter Oglivie, “Pete The Mountain Dog,” English Shepherd Club of America’s Who’s Who Breeder Manual, pg … Read more

Virgil Grinder’s Adventures with My Dogs

Born during the mid-nineteenth century, Virgil Grinder lived an eventful life during a dangerous and violent period in the United States’ history. Starting with his youth in war-torn Appalachia, every step of Virgil Grinder’s lifelong fight for survival was aided by his gritty, loyal black and tan English Shepherd dogs. In the chapters of “Virgil … Read more