As is frequently emphasized in the older publications, the true black and tan English shepherd excels at moving large stock. The Tennessee English Shepherd Association is working with true black and tan breeders to produce working videos of black and tans on large stock.   Using roping steers and bulls, we are producing video demonstrations of black and tans in real-world scenarios that include turning, moving and ushering cattle into loading pens. Our experienced stock handlers will be demonstrating the coordinated workmanship of handler and stock dog both on foot and from horseback.  Using modern video equipment and techniques, we hope to produce some exciting, motivational, and education demonstrations.

Here are a few still shots of black and tan Dan turning and moving 1900 lbs. of feisty beef.  The two steers were a little more forgiving than the single bull.  He was a little more opinionated about the whole thing.

Dan tells them how it is
Dan gets a little push back
Turned. That’s right!

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