Goat Dogs

As a child, Major Jesse Ursery of Bellevue, Tennessee owned a black and tan English shepherd named Fan.  Among other things, Fan was a tree dog who accompanied the Ursery boys on squirrel and raccoon hunting expeditions.   Fan also drove the milk cows for John Ursery, the boys’ father. As an adult, Major Ursery returned … Read more

The Animal Research Foundation

Founded by Tom D. Stodghill (1903 – 1989), an article[1]The Truth about the Registries by Tom Stodghill, Stodghill’s Animal Research Magazine Spring-Summer 1971 Issue, page 16 written by the founder states that The Animal Research Foundation was set up in 1950 as the English Shepherd Club of America (ESCOA). By 1953, [The ESCOA] had reached … Read more

English Shepherd Club of America (ESCOA)

According to Tom D. Stodghill, the English Shepherd Club of America was informally founded on August 22nd, 1950.[1]ESCOA Who’s Who Breeder Manual, page 15 Stodghill states that 16 members joined by the end of the first week. Two months prior, in June of 1950, Stodghill wrote the English Shepherd Standard. In June 1950 before we … Read more

Black and Tan Shepherd Farm Dogs In Use Prior to 1900

I spent an exciting Saturday night combing over the articles from the English Shepherd Club of America’s Who’s Who Breeder Manual.  In particular, I spent quite some time reading and re-reading John Blankenship’s article titled “The Blankenship’s Best Friend”.  Mr. Blankenship makes some statements in his article which shine even more light on the origins … Read more