3-Tool Goat Dog

Sugar is the most valuable tool on my ranch. She is what I’ve come to call a three tool goat dog. I’ve spoken previously about Sugar’s ability to help me move my goats from pasture to pasture. I’ve also written about Sugar’s ability to hold a goat while we’re in the catch pen so we can administer medications and perform other husbandry tasks.

The third tool in Sugar’s toolbox is tending the herd while they ruminate. This time of year, I’ll bring the goats out of their confinement to ruminate the open range areas of my ranch. While tending, Sugar’s jobs are to establish boundaries, let the goats eat, and put them away when we’re done.

Here Sugar waits patiently for me to open the gate and let the goats out.

Sugar’s self-control is one of the reasons she’s so valuable to me. Here she maintains a down/stay while the goats ruminate around her.

Sugar was recently bred to my stud male, Sallee’s Rustie Jr. You can read more about this pairing here.

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