First Friend Fact #132

“Zoomies” in dogs, scientifically known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), are sudden bursts of energy where a dog runs around wildly, often in circles or back and forth. While the exact cause of zoomies is not fully understood, it is generally believed to be a natural way for dogs to release pent-up energy, excitement, or stress. Some common triggers for zoomies include:

  • Excitement: Dogs may experience zoomies when they are extremely excited, such as during playtime, when meeting new people or animals, or after a bath.
  • Energy release: Dogs with high energy levels, particularly puppies and younger dogs, may experience zoomies as a way to release excess energy when they have not had enough physical or mental stimulation.
  • Stress relief: Zoomies can also serve as a coping mechanism for dogs experiencing stress or anxiety. The sudden burst of activity may help them feel more relaxed afterward.
  • Instinct: Some researchers suggest that zoomies could be a remnant of dogs’ ancestral instincts to run and play as a way of practicing their hunting skills.

In most cases, zoomies are a harmless, normal behavior in dogs.

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