Rebel and Rogue Manding

Here’s a photo of Rebel and Rogue manding. There is a clear intelligence and focus in their demeanor. I am finding these pups to be personable and trainable. They are each as special as their heritage implies. Rogue is a bit more outgoing, but only nominally. They are each people oriented and have taken quickly to marker training. They are asking to go potty about 3/4 of the time now. A few days ago, we went to the goat pasture. Both Rogue and Rebel were interested in the goats, with no signs of fear. In fact, I’ve seen no timidity in them at all. Startle recovery training has been going like clockwork, with little-to-no reaction and instant recovery. On walks, each pup trails me well and comes when recalled. In the woods, where we go daily, each dog overcomes barriers such as deadfall without hesitation or whining. Rebel and Rogue are UKC registered Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherds. Their sire is Sallee’s Rustie Jr (IESR,UKC,ESCR), and their dam is Sherling’s Jill (UKC,ESCR).