Black and Tan English Shepherd FAQ

The Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd is a breed of working dog native to the United States. The English shepherd is an all-purpose farm dog capable of working with any species of livestock. Rural families have favored these dogs for generations due to their grit, loyalty, and desire to please. ES activities include hunting, tracking, search-and-rescue, agility, obedience, companionship, and guard dog duty.

Here are some English shepherd Frequently Asked Questions
What is an English shepherd a mix of?

The English Shepherd is believed to have resulted from a combination of dogs native to the British Isles with sheep and cattle dogs that Caesar brought to the British Isles when he invaded in 55 BC. These dogs assisted the Romans in herding livestock that were brought to help feed the troops.

How much does an English shepherd cost?

You should budget anywhere from $400 upwards to $800 or even more for an English Shepherd with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all English Shepherds sold in the U.S. is about $600.

How big do English shepherd dogs get?

English Shepherds are medium-sized dogs. Male English Shepherds will grow to be about 19 to 23 inches in height while female English Shepherds will be about 18 to 22 inches in height.

Do English shepherds make good pets?

English Shepherds are some of the friendliest, most loving dogs you’ll meet. … Many of these dogs can make excellent companion dogs, provided they get enough physical and mental stimulation. They’re loyal and devoted pets, and they want to spend time at their master’s side if they’re not out rounding up cattle.

Can I shave my English shepherd?

As a natural breed, they require little trimming. Their vibrissae (whiskers) should not be cut, as this is a breed that often works stock and relies on those sensory hairs to do their job properly

How common are English shepherds?

English Shepherds are not very common, so you will probably have to go on a waiting list.

How long do English shepherds live?

English Shepherds can live as long as 14 years. Some longer.

Are English shepherds hypoallergenic?

English shepherds shed constantly. Routine brushing will help. Be prepared to vacuum often!

What color are English shepherds?

Black & Tan, Black & White, Sable & White, Tri-color.

Do English shepherds bark a lot?

Yes, English shepherd dogs tend to bark.

What is the difference between a border collie and an English shepherd?

Border collies have very strong herding instincts, making them excellent to control sheep and other animals. On the other hand, while English Shepherds are also great herders, they are better suited as a multi-purpose working dog.

Do English shepherds have rear dew claws?

A dewclaw on the inside of each front leg is the norm in English Shepherds, as it is in all domestic dogs. Shepherds believed these working dogs’ double dewclaws provided stability and kept them from sinking too deeply into the rugged terrain’s snow and mud.

At what age do English shepherds stop growing?

Around 16 to 18 months old

What kind of coat does an English shepherd have?

The breed has a long, straight or wavy double coat with feathering on the legs and tail, traditionally it has four different color combinations, black and white, black and tan, sable and white or tricolor (black, white and tan), although shades of fawn and red tan to white are also seen in the breed.

Do English Shepherds have double coats?

English Shepherds have a double coat, with a soft dense undercoat and a silky outer coat.

Are English shepherds good guard dogs?

Yes, English shepherds make some of the best guard dogs.

How much do English shepherds weigh?

44 – 66 lbs

Do English shepherds’ ears stand up?

Ears typically wide apart, stand slightly outward at the base with a sharp bend and lie close to the head when relaxed, raised up slightly when alert. Variation in ear set is common and of trivial significance.

Do English shepherds get along with cats?

English Shepherds make great family pets because they are gentle and patient with kids. They are also tolerant of other animals, including cats.

Is an English shepherd a good family dog?

English shepherds are great family dogs! Most of these dogs will be gentle and patient around kids, but, given their herding instinct, though, they may try to herd children by nipping at their heels or chasing them around. Firm, consistent training will help with discouraging this behavior in your English Shepherd.

Are English shepherds aggressive?

Most English Shepherds do not tend to stray or wander away from the home. An English Shepherd should never be aggressive (bite) without provocation, however he may demand that unfamiliar visitors “halt!” until you say otherwise.

Are English shepherds stubborn?

Due to his high intelligence, the English Shepherd also requires as much mental stimulation as he does physical. Without proper training and socialization, he can become stubborn and bossy.

Do English shepherds have blue eyes?

English Shepherds usually have brown eyes but blue eyes (either one or both) can happen with any color ES.