Sherling’s Stone Cold Vixen

My girl Vixen (UKC P969-673 Sherling’s Stone Cold Vixen) got her Embark DNA lab work back today. Vixen was found to be free of the breed-relevant conditions tested for by Embark.

Xen’s dam is Sherling’s Meg (UKC P858-816). On her bottom line, she goes back through Meg to Raulston’s Roxie Foley, Foley’s Dixie Bell Patton, Commanche Bluff Sassy Britches and on to Commanche Hill Mona My Pal. From there, she goes through Ruby to the John and Pauline Blankenship females Blankenship’s Daisy, Blankenship’s Holly, Blankenship’s Lassie II, Blankenship’s Pepper and finally to Hudson’s Lassie. Vixen’s Haplotype is C42/54/55 of Haplogroup C2. Hudson’s Lassie is consider by the English Shepherd Breed Conservatory as the founder of this dam line, and Commanche Hill Mona My Pal (bred by Jennifer Hughes) to be a key descendant of this dam line. According to ESBC reporting, just under 5% of English Shepherd litters registered with the ESCR during the period of 2013 to 2018 were of the C42/54/55 haplotype.

Vixen is currently in training to be a goat tending dog. Depending upon her aptitude for tending goats, her general temperament, and her OFA hip test results, Vixen may eventually be a candidate for breeding to my stud male Sallee’s Rustie Jr.