Frequency of Haplogroups / Haplotypes in Embark Compare Tool DB

The Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd Association maintains an Embark Results Comparison Tool for the English Shepherd Community. The database presently contains 64 English Shepherd dogs.

The following report summarizes the frequency of haplogroup/haplotype occurrences among the English Shepherd dogs in the database.

A1a_Y H1a.48_Y14
A1e_MT A2a_MT13
E_MT E11_MT13
A1d_MT A247_MT10
A1b_MT A361/409/611_MT9
A1a_Y H1a.53_Y4
C2_MT C42/54/55_MT4
A1a_Y H1a.29_Y3
A1a_Y H1a.6_Y3
B1_MT B1c_MT3
A1a_MT A16/17/99/100_MT2
A1a_MT A17_MT2
A1a_Y H1a.20_Y2
A1a_MT A388_MT1
A1a_MT A393_MT1
A1a_Y H1a.1_Y1
A1a_Y H1a.49_Y1
A1b_MT A18/19/20/21/27/36/94/109/361_MT1
A1e_MT A226_MT1
A2b_Y H3_Y1
B1_MT B61_MT1
C1_MT C34_MT1

The Embark Compare Tool can be found at this location: