Deuce x Sally Winter 2023

We are excited to announce the pairing of Deuce and Sally. Both of the parents are capable farm dogs who regularly perform livestock management tasks on my Roanoke Creek Ranch. Both have been screened for and shown to be clear of breed-specific genetic diseases.  And both parents are registered with the United Kennel Club.


Black and Tan English Shepherd

Deuce is a fifth-generation IESR black and tan English shepherd.  He was bred by the late Mrs. Emma Walker in 2013


Sally is an energetic young adult female of the Carousel Farms dam line, sired by Sallee’s Rusty Jr. 

Whelping Protocol

As an experienced breeder, Tony Bierman seeks to maximize each period of early canine ontogeny to produce a happy, capable, and well-adjusted adult dog. Over the course of several weeks, each puppy is socialized to humans, other types of dogs, and livestock animals. The puppies are intentionally exposed to many farm sounds, including diesel vehicles, small equipment, and gunfire. They are also exposed to moving water, unusual walking surfaces, and transported in motorized farm vehicles. During appropriate developmental stages, each puppy participates in exercises that include barrier training, puzzle games, crate acclimation, marker training, and manding.

You can review a detailed example of my whelping protocol here (PDF).

Noteworthy dates

Covered September 2, 2023

Expected to Whelp: November 5, 2023

Expected to Wean: December 17, 2023

Adoption NLT December 31, 2023

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