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Good grief, where to start! Babe's been taking care of our older kids since she was about 8 months old. When our oldest son was about 2, he wandered off to the neighbor's house. We live in the country, so this was quite a distance for those little 2 year old legs. Babe didn't stop Tallis, but she did stay with him and she kept our neighbors from coming near him until she saw that Kathy had a baby with her. Then she shoved Tal toward Kathy and came running home to get us. Randall and I were searching frantically so it took us a minute to figure out that Babe wanted us to follow her. She got lots of treats that night!

Babe faithfully kept Carlie Rose away from our pond and the road. She had quite a job keeping tabs on Carlie. Tallis and Carlie taught Babe to go down the slide, they had to so that Babe would let them slide! Babe also considered the swings to be dangerous and refused to let the kids swing.

She'd grab the seat of their pants and hold on for dear life while doing this muffled whine/bark thing that meant "Come take care of these kids! Can't you see they're going to get killed on this contraption?" As I've said before, Babe has rather a low opinion of my parenting skills.

The day we brought Jed home, Babe was beside herself. She still alerts to his slightest noise and she was convinced that his bassinet had eaten him and he had to be rescued right now! My fit of giggles during the bassinet thing has brought me to a new low in her eyes, as a parent. Jed now is old enough that he likes to be lifted into the air while we sing to him. We call it airplaning. Babe can't stand it. She rushes over and tries to hold our arms down so that we can't lift the baby.

Pictured here are Babe and Jed

Babe's one problem is that she keeps trying to offer her paw to Jed. A few days ago she scratched his face before I could grab her paw. I was annoyed and Babe was devastated. Jed's fine...she never even broke his skin...but I think we'll have to work on extinguishing that behavior.

Babe is exactly what we expected when we got an ES. I wanted an Albert Payson Terhune dog --a Lad-- who would be protective and wonderful with our children. We sure got that in Babe. I just think ES are the best. Babe is my soulmate, a one in a million dog.


Reprinted with the permission of Paige Horst from a AWFA Mailing List post dated November 4, 2000