Farm Shepherds Magazine

This is part one of a three part series wherein I will take a look at the April 1957 Wild West Magazine article titled Brag Dog by Terry Sanders.  I will highlight passages with contents salient to the English Shepherd breed.  A link to a high resolution scan of each page will be provided at the end of each part.

Page one of the article begins on page 22 of the magazine. 

In column 1 paragraph 3, the author states that cowdogs were essential to his grandfather and uncles. The cowdogs were divided into three groupings by trait. 

  1. 'find dogs' to locate and trail wild cattle,
  2. 'drive dogs' to herd them, and
  3. 'ketch dogs' to catch and throw the rough ones

The author goes on to state in column 2 paragraph 2 that although he loves to hear stories about 'find dogs' and 'ketch dogs', his favorites stories were the tales about the English Shepherds that his uncles used to drive cattle.  His uncles kept four or five English Shepherds on the farm at any given time.  Physically, the English Shepherds were described as:

  • Shaggy
  • Black and tan or black and white
  • Broad, short heads
  • More brains than most men

In column 2 paragraph 3, the author states that his uncles took two or three English Shepherds along whenever they were to move cattle cross country.  The dogs would heel a stray steer back to the herd without any direction from the men.  Usually heeling was all that was necessary, but for a stubborn steer the dogs would persist to nip at his heels until he relented and moved back to the middle of the herd.