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This is an unbiased review of the Icefang Tactical Dog Harness.  I will mention a few product accessories as well.  At the bottom of the article, I will provide links to buy these items at the same price I paid for them.  I am not incentivised or affiliated with the manufacturers or re-sellers of these products.  I paid full price for these items and I use them on a regular basis. 

Here my English Shepherd boy Hawkeye models the harness and accessories before we head out for a hike. Hawkeye only wears this heavier harness on cool mornings and during cooler seasons.  For hot weather, we'd be using a lighter weight harness.



This is a capture of the dorsal side of the Icefang harness configured as I use it on a regular basis.



And here's the dorsal side of the harness without attached accessories.  The connection points, buckles and stitching are superior to any harness I've used.  As you can see, there's a lot of velcro down the middle and a PALS attachment grid on each side.    Under the sturdy handle is a heavy duty dorsal connection point.


This photo illustrates one method of attaching MOLLE (pronounced molly) accessories to a PALS grid.


Here is a view of the underside of the harness. Again, note the two heavy duty connection points.  The metal, 'D' shaped connection rings are attached to the harness body with broad, double stitching.  


Here's the underside again, this time connected to a lead in my favorite configuration. The ability to attach to the front pull connector, but thread the leash back behind the front legs is my favorite feature of this harness.  Threaded this way, the leash comes out from under Hawkeye's side, under his ribs and behind his forelegs.  It works really well for both dog and walker.


Nearly friction-less.  Any tension in the leash rubs on the metal ring and the harness, not Hawkeye's body.  If you have a big, strong dog then both you and your best friend will really appreciate this uncommon feature.  Hawkeye does his best walking when he's wearing this harness, and I think the threaded lead configuration is why.


Here are the pair of MOLLE pouches I bought separately.


And finally, these elastic and velcro "keepers" are great for quickly connecting anything from water bottles to magazine clips onto your harness.


I'm really happy with the fit, functionality, quality and apparent durability of the Icefang Tactical Dog Harness.  Here's a list of links to buy the harness and accessories:

Icefang brand Tactical Dog Harness on Amazon (Large) for $39.99

Novemkada brand MOLLE Pouches (2 pack) on Amazon for $14.98

Condor brand Elastic Keepers (2 pack) on Amazon for $11.99


Happy hiking!