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I recently purchased a copy of Working Dogs of the World from a London bookshop.

Cover photo Working Dogs of the World

This book was written by C.L.B. Hubbard and published by Sidgwick and Jackson Limited of London in 1947.


Table of contents Page 1

Table of Contents page 1


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Table of Contents page 2


Collies introduction

The beginning paragraphs of the section titled Collies

The Scottish Collie is probably the best-known Sheep-dog in the world, and certainly the most popular in the English-speaking countries.  The race is extremely old, even among the breeds of Scotland, all of whose dogs are or ancient lineage.  The modern Show-type Collie is, of course, a comparatively recent creation, but the old Working Collie is still very much like the type called 'Shepherd's Dog" by Dr. Caius in 1570, and by Buffon and other naturalists centuries ago.  Indeed, the Working Collie shows much its make-up of the primeval dog.


 Rough-coated Collie

"Delwood Barrie", a well-known Rough-coated Collie


 Smooth-coated Collie

 "Lavender Lass of Bonniecot", a good specimen of the rare Smooth-coated Colllie


Bearded Collie

 An old-fashioned Working-type Bearded Collie