Farm Shepherds Magazine

This is the third and final part of a three part series wherein I will take a look at the April 1957 Wild West Magazine article titled Brag Dog by Terry Sanders.  I will highlight passages with contents salient to the English Shepherd breed.  A link to a high resolution scan of each page will be provided at the end of each part.

In the first few paragraphs of page three, we learn from the author that his English shepherd dogs will adapt from heeling to heading when faced with a particularly stubborn opponent.

In the first paragraph of column 2 we also learn that at least one of the author's dogs (a female named Cooney-Jo) is adept at what O.O. Grant termed "strike heeling".

In column 2 paragraph 2 the author describes a dog he had breed and sold to a farmer in Washington state. Relatedly, in paragraph 3 he states proudly that he has sold pups "...into just about every cattle state in the nation."

In paragraph 4 of column 2 the author lists what he considers to be the preeminent English shepherd stud dogs of his day.  In addition to his own dog Pepper Joe, the author's list includes Tom Stodghill's Bozo and Bodhark along with Ernest Hestand's Solomon.    

Paragraph 5 of column 2 we hear about Amigo, an English shepherd owned by Bob Bain.  Amigo is considered a "vicious heeler".  In the same paragraph, the author's own stud English shepherd named Heeler is declared to "work cattle as quietly and efficiently as a border collie works sheep."

In column 2, paragraph 6, the author praises his English shepherd's "savvy" and begins to tell a story of Pepper Joe and his wild hog hunting exploits.

On the final page of the article, the authors tells a story of Pepper Joe heading off a charging horse from potentially harming his two young sons.