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Where does raw goat's milk come from? Goats, of course.  In the case of my seven dogs, their goat's milk comes from the happy and well cared for goats at Bonnie Blue Farm.  Yesterday, Bekkey and I were fortunate enough to get a wonderful tour of our local goat dairy from affable proprietor Gayle Tanner.   Gayle was there to greet us when we arrived, and promptly took us on a tour of her farm.

Bonnie Blue Farm

Being the dog nut that I am, the first thing I noticed were two calm, confident Great Pyrenees keeping watch over things. It was a pleasure to meet both the girls!

Next, we got to meet the stars of the show.  I was amazed at how clean, well-kept and organized the goats were.  It was immediately clear to me that Gayle kept a tight ship.  All the goats looked so happy!

The absolute coolest part of the tour was when we discovered this secret, previously unknown entrance to King Thorin's Hall.

Cave Entrance

Just kidding! Sorry for the nerdy Tolkien reference.  Seriously though, this is the entrance to an amazing cheese cave. 

Inside the cheese cave are shelves and shelves of cheese wheels aging to perfection!

Gayle told us that some of these cheese wheels have 10 gallons of milk in them!

Amazing.  We had a wonderful time.  It was so educational, and Gayle was such a gracious host.

If you're lucky enough to have a local goat dairy, consider feeding raw goat's milk to your dogs.  I give my dogs about four ounces per day, poured over kibble and topped with a farm fresh raw egg.  Here's some more information about feeding your dog raw goat's milk.